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Clothing for relationships

Gift for your relationship, anniversary, wedding or birthday

Be-with is not about fashion, it is about products that serve a purpose and the purpose is to support building stronger and warmer relationships.

Keeping a relationship lively and happy is sometimes difficult in the long run. And this is supported by the statistics showing divorce rates of over 50%, but even the couples that stay together are often experiencing lack of warmth and happiness. This in turn affects their kids and many of their other relationships.

At the same time, the world's longest study of what makes a “good life” states that: "warmth of relationships throughout life have the greatest positive impact on 'life satisfaction'”, and the main researcher behind it Dr. Vaillant says the study shows: "Happiness is love. Full stop."

Be-with mission is to spread this awareness and provide new innovative ways to keep our relationships warm, in this case with designer clothing for touches!


The chemistry behind love

love hormone oxytocin touch

The founders of be-with believe in science and research based innovation.

Research on love suggests that there are two main hormones embodying warmth in relationships in the long run: vasopressin and oxytocin. While vasopressin is a hormone mostly released during sex and there are a lot of products and services addressing this issue, oxytocin is a hormone that can be released with a simple touch, hugging, talking and being together.

These are the areas that be-with wants to focus on: products that facilitate, provide space for and encourage actions that enhance release of the bonding hormone - oxytocin.


Impact of Touch

Designer touch-through clothing for couple bonding, touch to love!

While there are many relationship models and each couple is unique, there are some common truths that prevail. One of them is the importance of touch. The human touch influences all of us from the moment that we are born and even before that until the moment we cease to exist.

Touch is vital to emotional and physical development of our bodies, and we usually remember to touch our kids. However, touch is essential for grown-ups as well. Research shows that a hug a day can improve the nervous system and boost the immune system among other factors. The human touch is like a lightning conductor for stress relief. And without it, unconsciously, many people feel much more lonely, unwanted and wind up losing their emotional and physical health.


Clothing for touches

Gift for your relationship, anniversary, wedding or birthday: clothing for touches

Our first collection of clothing for touches consists of few ruthlessly selected items that have passed a series of testing rounds.

We have tested over 50 different prototypes during a year of product development, examining the appropriate fabrics, passage design, form and placement, and gathering and analysing feedback from couples on the effectiveness of the product.

The design consists of pure lines, timeless colours and uncommon details that serve both as design elements and functional solutions.

We have chosen only extremely pleasant to touch and wear fabrics: brushed cotton, Micro-modal® and eco-certified bamboo.